How does it work

Our unique approach comes from over 20 years of research into:

Organic chemistry
Microbial activity
Soil science
Fertilizer form and function.

Advanced intervention

Leaving recycling up to the microbes and atmosphere means all the precious elements are eaten and respired by them, and lost as gas to the atmosphere.

Leaves little to return to damaged soils and generate future crops - compost should be so much better.

Our process identifies different compounds and properties and processes the material quickly into simpler forms - in a closed reaction - retaining all nutrients.

The result is a rich material with naturally available elements in soluble form to:

Provide a stable soil substrate which retains moisture

Kick start soil life to build immunity against pests

Repair landscapes from erosion and chemical damage

Amplify nutrient uptake for generational soil health

Boost yield in volume and quality

Establish sustainable soil ecosystems for new season growth