Plantation & Forestry


GreenGlove has worked with partners in the palm business to process large volumes of bio-waste residue from palm oil production.

We designed and built a purpose built facility to process up to 100 tons of empty fruit bunch (EFB) per day. The fibrous material with high lignin content, is difficult to break down and compost using conventional techniques.
Here we shred the material into small fibers, then process the material though the reactor chambers, which after 2 hrs emerges a fully decomposed, ready to use, high grade organic compost, soil amendment and fertilizer.

The process and GreenGlove solution completes the circular economy for palm plantation owners. Returning the organic product to plantation lands, saving on fertilizer costs, earning carbon credits, and saving large fees from the cost of disposal associated with offloading and dumping large volumes of palm wastes and residues.

GreenGlove solutions have been applied to coconut, tree waste, sugar cane waste and other plantation related by-products which create environmental problems from their large volume and difficulty to dispose and decompose quickly.