GreenGlove is the result of over 20 years research into organic chemistry, microbial activity and soil science.

Inefficiencies in conventional green waste treatment have been improved on by incorporating natural processes.

The result is an accelerated system to treat green waste in large volume and retain valuable elements otherwise lost to the atmosphere or microbes.

Our process takes place in a controlled single vessel with zero emissions or loss.

A rapid way of treating green bio waste which saves on time, space, equipment, water and emissions and yields an abundantly rich fertilizer.

The controlled treatment process retains all nutrients and organic matter making the fertilizer a superior catalyst for soil rejuvenation, replenishment, soil life and crop health.

Our fertilizer revives soil life, repairs and protects against erosion, drought, boosts natural immunity, dramatically lowers the need for chemical additives, and boosts crop yields by 20%.

Our accelerated process is increasingly being sought after as cities and populations expand, and as the agricultural land is rapidly depleted of essential elements and life.