Resource Recovery  

Over 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste is generated annually across the globe with most transported to landfill.

More than 22 million tons of organic waste is diverted for composting, while an estimated 43 million tons of organic waste is sent to landfills.

Landfills, incineration and conventional composting create a host of long lasting environmental and economic issues from pollutants, greenhouse gases and disruption to local ecology.

Across the planet all levels of state and local governments, as well as private industry and communities, are seeking innovative methods for disposal, treatment and resource recovery.

GreenGlove is the result of over 20 years research into organic chemistry, microbial activity and green waste treatment.

GreenGlove has developed a full range of complete resource recovery solutions for all sources of bio-waste.


Municipal & Food Waste

Green waste from urban park lands and residential areas, as well as increasing volumes of kitchen and food waste can be quickly and efficiently processed on site, without odor, storage concerns or waste water.

Industrial Agriculture

Our solutions target the treatment of waste generated from large scale swine, broiler and bovine agriculture which have grown to critical levels, and which have dangerous potential to carry harmful bacteria and viruses.

Plantation & Forestry

Fibrous material waste from plantation and forestry related operations take months to decompose into anything that resembles material that is beneficial for recycling. We can process in hours to achieve a marketable value added product.


Food Processing

Industrialized food production is a major source of the estimated 7.1 billion pounds of food waste generated by food manufacturers across the globe. Most ends up in landfill - we have a solution for quick, on site resource recovery.

Large Developments, Parks & Gardens

With limited land large developments and parks are forced to have green waste removed, yet still have to buy fertilizer and amendments, GreenGlove has a solution for fast, efficient and cost effective on site waste treatment.

Mining Industry & Land Recovery

GreenGlove has specialist knowledge and experience to return lands to their former condition, and repair damaged terrain due to mining, erosion or other heavy industry related activities.


GreenGlove Sustainable Development Goals

GreenGlove has committed to sustainable development goals which are in accordance with the United Nations 21 Sustainable Development Agenda. GreenGlove is committed to solving environmental problems for the benefit of global ecosystems, local farmers and local communities. GreenGlove seeks to develop and cultivate circular economies for the benefit of local authorities and governments. GreenGlove strives for the benefit of industrial partners and customers by delivering operational competency, accountability, strategic planning and execution.


Global Waste Management Initiatives

Expanding industrialization, urbanization and demographics have placed significant pressure on global ecology and resources which now struggle to meet demand.

In 2017 the global population consumed natural resources at 1.7 times faster than ecosystems could regenerate them. Of all the food produced however, almost 35% was thrown away.

Governments, local authorities, agricultural and manufacturing industries as well as citizen-consumers alike are being forced to respond to realizations that resources are limited, and steps need to be taken.

Growing volumes of green waste, the environmental impact of treatment facilities and capacities means innovative solutions are required.

GreenGlove - smart solutions for a greener world - free cities from pollution, are an alternative to landfill, resource recovery which benefits agricultural production and food security.


Climate change - the pollution challenge

Climate change is important to every resident on planet earth.
Current debate remains focused on earth temperature and emissions.
GreenGlove technology is a zero emission solution.

The most pressing problem facing the planet and where the debate is headed is pollution, resource allocation and recovery.

Pollution and waste management has already become the front line facing sustainability, and policy and legislation has already begun to change in relation to landfill, handling of municipal waste, harnessing renewable energy and the future for bio waste treatment and recovery.
GreenGlove is leading the way to address global pollution dilemmas and strategies.

The Organic Movement

Global sales of “organic” food and drink have risen from US$15bn in 1999 to over US$90bn in 2018. In the US alone, food and drink sales was over US$45bn in 2018.

Yet production of organic food has lagged demand and drives the need for greater allocation of land to organics, increased availability of organic fertilizers and amendments to produce healthier, more abundant supplies of food.

GreenGlove is dedicated to supplying the highest quality of organics back to agriculturalists, return wealth to farmers by helping them meet market demands, and provide consumers with healthy alternatives.


Smart Solutions

Innovation is meant to assist the pursuit of personal growth and societal advancement. Seldom does development come without consequences which are too easily ignored.
GreenGlove is a solution that addresses the forgotten and overlooked which now no longer be overlooked anymore.
Our innovation is a complete solution founded in sustainability and benefit for all.